To control the terror of Corona Virus, Centre and State have taken effective measures. -Dr Bharti Gandhi

shiksha vahini, Lucknow: "No country in the world has been left untouched by the deadly Corona Virus. In our country too, it is spreading rapidly. To save us from its devastating effects, the central and state governments have taken effective measures. To make the effort of the government successful, it is important for each and every citizen and social organisation to contribute actively and drive out this this demonic disease." These were the words of the Founder-Director, Dr Bharti Gandhi expressed here today. 
 Dr Bharti Gandhi said that while on the one hand, considering the urgency of the hour in this time of crisis, the CMS Founder-Manager, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, presented a cheque of Rs one crore to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, for relief of corona victims, on behalf of the CMS family while on the other hand, to provide food and essential items for the poor and needy in Lucknow, a cheque of Rs 50 lakh was presented to the Commissioner of Lucknow city Dr Indramani Tripathi for running 9 'Janta Rasoi' and another cheque of Rs 20 lakh was presented to the Vice-Chairman of Lucknow Development Authority, for the 5 Janta Rasoi being run by the LDA. Dr Bharti Gandhi also explained that in view of the significant role of the Red Cross Society in saving lives and preventing the deadly corona disease, CMS presented a cheque of Rs 20 lakh to the Lucknow District Magistrate, Mr Abhishek Prakash, for aiding the Red Cross Society. Seeing the plight of state inhabitants workings far-off places, the school provided 60 buses for transporting these people back home before the lockdown. The school buses were made available to the Police Commissioner, Mr Sujeet Pandey. CMS also contributed 10,000kg of grain rations for Janta Rashida set up at Janeshwar Mishr Park under the aegis of Lucknow Development Authority in the supervision of the Joint Secretary Ritu Suhas. Dr Bharti Gandhi termed these measures taken by CMS as a small step for the help of the general public of Uttar Pradesh. She called upon the people of the state to come forward and cooperate with the government in combating the deadly corona virus by following the state guidelines strictly and also by helping  the poor and needy in their locality in whichever way they can. 
 Dr Bharti Gandhi is a social worker and a visionary who not only works shoulder to shoulder with her husband, renowned educationist Dr Jagdish Gandhi, but is also deeply concerned with corona virus pandemic which is spreading fast in the World and in India.